「やまとは くにの まほろば」 ТОPへ戻る

クイーン・エメラルダス号〜   「ジークフリート」より
An advance situation is the best Death Shadow of the three warships.
Processing of the detail of the armor surface takes the lead this week.
It is manufacture of an upper deck.
Although not stated once so far, it may just be going to call this portion "greatest mystery." Although two Main Guns should exist, it is covered by the cover in many cuts.
Although this will open and close and a Gun Turret will probably rise from inside ....
Although it wavered, placing a Gun Turret stopped as a conclusion.
As a use part, the drops tank of "1/48 jack" is used. A part is cut first and an upper deck is pasted. The topmost place is first pasted like a photograph.
Recently, the opportunity to look for the tool which is used variously at a "100 yen shop" increased. The price of this saw is 100 yen.
As for the portion pasted up ahead, height is lacking. A plastic board is pasted up and it begins to delete after dryness.
A deck is pasted and a passage is always processed with putty and a quick-drying glue. Too, "putting on a center exactly" became prudent. This is quite difficult although it is simple ....
Processing of a waterproof paper came also out of the hot portion considerably as the form of a hull was finished.
A plastic board is pasted, a simple tool is made and processing etc. is carried out.
The cover of the completed upper deck is engraved with a panel line.... It is a place quite difficult only on curved surfaces. A guide carries out a masking tape comparatively and a panel line is carved with a needle.
Somehow, it is touch that it exceeded.

(-_-;. A .... The panel line of a rear bulge portion is a part.. It is a dissatisfied result in disagreeable and most portion.
Although talked before also in the place of a "Mahoroba", since camfering is complex with the difference in the hardness by the difference in the quality of the material, the needle point has surely swum.
It cannot be convinced, and even if it repairs and re-challenges with a quick-drying glue, it flows in another direction shortly.... Since hardness has a quick-drying glue, the needle point will flow (><;.). After all, although challenged several times, skillful stake きま is not carried out too.
what was necessary was to also assume such situations, to begin to delete all from a plastic board, to come out, and just to have processed ....
Anyway, it left regret. However, it progresses to the next.
(-_-;)........, now mind are restarted and it is a work start.
It seems that this also has the "air lock for Career airplanes" to which details do not clarify in a warship bottom.
Although it is the same processing, it is a good result some shortly.
An original is made reference and the upper deck near a Bow is also engraved with it. Since most of this place is a plastic board, it is easy to carve. It seems that it is better to also consider "selection of a material" more firmly after this.
It is the work of the undersurface portion of a Bow shortly. There are many portions which are not known well, there are many portions "the front does not show" by the cut "from back", and it gets confused also here. It is just going to be pressed for "its selection."
First, a panel line is carved like the upper surface. As an appropriation part, the main wings (it is left that it is wonderful) of "1/1000 Space Battleship Yamato" are used.
カットして艦体に接着。このパーツは、前方からのカット (ちょうどこのぐらいの角度) では、もう少し厚みがあるように見えますが、後方からのカットでは確認出来なかったり、「板」に見えます。ここは、こういう形状を選んでみました。前方の小さなフェアリングは、「アルカディア」から流用しています。
It cuts and a hull is pasted. This part is cut from the front (exactly angle of this about). Although it seems to be thick to a slight degree, in the cut from back, it cannot check or is visible to a "board." Such form was chosen here. The front small fair ring is diverted from "Arcadia."
It is to here this week.
There is especially a certain amount of satisfaction in which a hull is finished.
However, the thing which keenly realize "a thing which technology does not reach" like this time and for which irritation is felt is also a fact especially.
It will be "being unable to build a completely satisfying thing forever."
However, it is made to spread.... I want to approach the following opportunity to a slight degree at an ideal.