「やまとは くにの まほろば」TOPに戻る これは超時空戦艦だ。


Even surfacer paint of last time and the beginning was completed and the form of the whole warship has been decided.
The sculpture of a panel line and reappearance of the detail in character with a "warship" take the lead in work this week.
If a surfacer is painted, it will become easy to check a surface state. Too, a problem is found in each part and it repairs with plastic putty or a quick-drying glue. .
At once, a waterproof sandpaper is covered and washed in cold water and a surfacer is painted again.
No problems are solvable yet too. Furthermore, it checks carefully and repairs with a quick-drying glue.
Although many work still more including a lower structure is due to occur in a hull, if a part of panel line is not carved in this stage, trouble will occur in next work.
A masking tape is made a guide, and it carves and is crowded with the needle for sculpture, and further P cutters. First of all, it is from the side.
Similarly, a bulge is also engraved. However, since the hull itself is in the state which the quality of the material of a "kit part", "plastic putty", an "epoxy putty", a "quick-drying glue", and "the leather film of a surfacer" has united, trouble has occurred in the sculpture of a panel line.
If it actually works, since a difference is in "hardness of the quality of the material" considerably, it will not carry out "a line is stable." Although it is the cause that skill is also insufficient as for this --
しかし、まだまだ問題は残ります。更に補修を続けています…(〃´o`)=3 。
Moreover, it washes in cold water and the 3rd surfacer paint is carried out.
However, a problem remains still more. Furthermore, repair is continued. -- (〃'o`) =3.
Attachment of the "bilge keel" which is one of the appearance top features of a "Mahoroba" is started. Since an attachment place is a portion with the tight curve of a bulge, work is divided and advanced to about 3 stage rather than it pastes up a plastic board simply. A 1mm plastic stick is first pasted up on one side. Since a position on either side shifts, a masking tape is stuck at once and length is checked.
The tape is stuck on an opposite side and it is considering as the guide. Of course, "seeing and checking by the eye" is important.

It seems that it is so much satisfactory. If adhesives dry, a plastic stick will be pasted up in piles.
After all, except for the part, it has put on Mie. As it had got used also to the curve of a bulge completely, it was a success by this method.
With plastic putty and a quick-drying glue, a surface treatment is carried out, and the portion which gives an angle is processed with a design knife, and prepares rough form.
The waterproof paper to No. 2000 is covered and general processing is ended. A surface state is checked when a surfacer is blown next also about this portion.
If this is attached to be sure indeed, it appears further with this ship appropriate for a warship. .
It is a "Bow" shortly. Although the hand was added before, express the difference from a "Great-Yamato" more here.
Since it seems that the "breakwater board" currently united with a Bow fair leader is too long, it cuts. About 30mm was shortened.

IIt is the "wave end board" on a deck shortly. Although attached before, ahead [ one more ], it builds.
What piled up two 0.5mm plastic sticks is pasted up. Furthermore, it cuts aslant toward both the sides and a surface treatment is given.
もちろん、「まほろば」は洋上航行も行っていますが、洋上速度200ノット以上(これは現在の戦闘艦の7倍以上です *゜o゜*)で潜航も可能…海洋では「超伝導推進」か「それ以上のテクノロジー」で走っているはずで…「まったく必要ない装備」なんでしょうが、それをあえて構造として残している。
It is to here this week.
The "bilge keel" attached this time is for preventing a warship rolling during a cruise, and although a "breakwater board" etc. is just equipment of an on-the-ocean warship no one but, a simple question is also produced with "whether it is required for a Space Battleship."(@_@;A

Of course, although the "Mahoroba" is also performing the on-the-ocean cruise, it is 200 knots or more in on-the-ocean speed. This speed is 7 or more times of the present battleship. *゜odegree* and covert cruise are also possible. -- Although it should be running by "superconductivity promotion" and "the technology beyond it" and will be "equipment which is unnecessary at all" in the ocean, it has dared leave it as structure.
That is, the "Space Battleship Yamato" was imitated, and although it is possible to change the design of a "Mahoroba" into a space warfare warship, it has left the image of an old warship as it is.
This is because Mr. Reiji Matsumoto's idea is reflected strongly. It is ? about what a "Mahoroba" is. .
a Battleship Yamato and Musashi are dignified -- losing "memory of briny air" etc. has the battleship which inherits a certain soul, and it does not have an end --