「やまとは くにの まほろば」TOPに戻る 1000年まほろばに乗っていた……



Now, the form has been very ready also for the hull of a "Mahoroba."
It continues at last time and becomes a hind opening and processing of a deck this week
A plastic board closes the back of a opening. About the detail of this inside, it is just going to examine a few now. It maneuvers not much violently, and although it drops off, there is also a feeling of being good, with this.
The portion of "ship airplane start mouth ?" pastes up a plastic stick first.
A 1.2mm plastic board is pasted up and it covers.
A "start mouth" piles plastic putty, carries out a surface treatment, and connects a hull and a line.
If the processing finishes, a plastic board will be pasted up to the backmost part still more.
A delete lump is carried out later, and since form is prepared, it is made a little large slightly.
と、念じながらデザインナイフで削っていきます(w_-; 。その後はいつねのように耐水ペーパーで大まかに仕上げてみました。
Candidate for right and left .... Candidate for right and left .. Right-and-left symmetry.
It deletes with a design knife, praying (w_-;.). After that, it was and finished roughly with the waterproof sandpaper like a usual state.
The foundation of the highest deck portion in which a mast and a chimney appear is made. Such a frame is only built with a plastic stick. And the level difference with a rear deck attaches and processes an inclination.
Although it seems that it is working indifferently, as it is, he is planning to take the size of a mast or a Gun Turret into consideration (¬¬).
「宇宙空母シナノ」を造ろうというのではありません( ̄▽ ̄)。「木甲板」部分のプラバンをおおまかなサイズで切り出しました。
It is not said that "the space aircraft carrier Shinano" will be built (~▽~). The plastic van of a "tree deck" portion was cut down in rough size.
"a Mahoroba Shipbuilding-plan", since there is a relation with a "Great-Yamato", challenge this time However, it tries that a method is new. The plastic board containing the slot of the evergreen shrine which a model magazine etc. is satisfactory for and is introduced is used.
It is the work of lower preparation for that.
a bow -- neighboring "breakwater board" is attached This serves as a boundary line with a "tree deck."
It uses.
A slope attaches the deck portion with which three Main Gun Turrets are located in a line.
A plastic van is cut down in this way, it pastes up, and the duty of a guide is carried out.
The excessive portion was cut taking a margin a little merely.
Although he wants to paste up as it is, since it is necessary to express some slits etc. also on this deck, it cannot paste up, unless it performs the processing previously.
今回、「木甲板」の再現をしようと手をかけたわけですが、よくよく考えてみれば、正式な「まほろば3199」のグラデーション画 (おそらく小泉プロ作だと思います) は前方からの「強制パース・カット」の一種のみです。
更新が遅れ、結果的に1週間休みということになってしまいました。m(_ _)m

Two sister warships do not have progress. It becomes a "Queen Emeraldas" next time.
Although it is the reason to which the hand was applied in order to carry out reappearance of a "tree deck" this time, if it thinks very, it will be the gradation drawing of the formal "Mahoroba 3199". (it seems to be made in the Koizumi production) It is only a kind of the "compulsive Perth cut" from the front.
However, since a "Great-Yamato" is the day tailing as which only that emphasized the "tree deck", it is doing in the idea .... which will naturally be the same as that of a "Mahoroba." "Molding of the portion which is not visible" is considered that the portion of future work which closes most which interpreted the day tailing in its own way considerably increases. It seems that this already works imaginative power and must be given to itself although there is probably a place where liking is divided about it.
t is a hot place. However, in fact, he will like just it better than anything and it may be continuing such things.
Updating will be overdue and it will be called a rest for one week as a result. m(_ _)m